So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

On September 6th, we announced that we are going to shutdown on the 30th. Fast forward to today, it has been 1 day past the date and we have finally powered down’s two servers.


Thanks for everything. It has been an awesome pawsome journey for Catmoji.

Not Really Dead might have been offline but we have got all the backups (source codes, databases, etc) stored in the cloud. For now, those will serve as souvenirs but who knows what will happen in the future.

The community is definitely not dead. We are moving the cat loving community over to BAND, a free group communication app that is available on the web and mobile (Android and iOS). Some of you have already joined and for those who haven’t please do so. Go to this link and signup:

What’s Next

We still love cats and are working on a mini project called Kitty Relief: daily cute kitty cat drawings for good. Kitty Relief was created in mind to make cats and cat lovers happier with simple, daily hand-drawn cat illustration (because happiness is a simple thing). We are still in early stage, feel free to support us by following Kitty Relief’s Instagram, Facebook, Ello, Twitter, Tumblr or tell your friends about this mini project.


So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Matt & Koekoe.
(We are still sticking around.)

Catmoji’s Website is Shutting Down

We have decided to shut down Catmoji’s website ( at the end of this month: 30th of September 2015. It is a very tough decision to make but we think it is the right one. Now, we have a couple of good news and bad news.

The bad news

Catmoji’s website will close on 30th of September, 2015, until unforeseeable future.

As you might have noticed, we no longer work on Catmoji and the site hosting costs for the past few years was funded by our own pocket money and generous donations from some of the members. We sincerely thank those who had donated to our hosting fees. However, this is not sustainable and we can’t work it out due to financial reason and also the rising hosting fees.


Thanks for all who supported last year’s donation drive, but this is not an ideal solution.

The only reason we keep Catmoji running until today is because some of you are still actively using the site to share lovely and cute cat pictures and videos. We hope this won’t stop, because these lovely cat posts had build a tiny yet humble cat loving community. This tiny cat loving community is still very dear to us and we would like to keep it going even after Catmoji’s website is no more.

The good news

We have decided to rebuild this community outside of Catmoji by using this service called BAND. It is a free group communication app that is available on the web and mobile (Android and iOS). We have created a Catmoji group and we would like to invite you to join us. You can invite your cat loving friends to join too, it’s open to all cat lovers.

Go to this link and signup:

I have some questions or things to tell the team!

If you have any questions, please… please don’t hesitate to contact us through our Band or email address.

Final note

The closure of Catmoji’s website doesn’t mean Catmoji is gone. We are keeping the brand, the Band group, blog, twitter, facebook pages active. Let’s work together towards this new chapter in Catmoji’s timeline and keep the community rolling.

Again, thank you for being part of Catmoji… these 3 years have been a fantastic ride, let’s hope it doesn’t end here.

There will be no Catmoji without you.

Matt & Koekoe

Catmoji’s Donation Drive: Help Keep Catmoji Running

You might have noticed about new things on our catvertisement section. We are running a donation drive to keep Catmoji running.

Why Donation Drive?

We have reach a point where we no longer able to keep Catmoji running on our own. We have been footing the bills for over a year with our own pocket money generated from doing freelancing work. We have stopped working on Catmoji because of it.

From the get-go, our servers and hosting costs are way more than the money we generated through advertisements on the site. To be honest, money from advertising never reaches USD$10/month yet the cost to keep Catmoji running is around USD$110/month.

Catmoji is a place where catlovers talk about cat stuff, to social and support each other after hard days at work. We still have a bunch of happy users browsing and sharing cat photos and videos on Catmoji everyday. We want to keep Catmoji going as long as we could and shutting down Catmoji would be the last thing to do.

How You Can Help

Help us keep Catmoji running by donating. We need around USD$100 every month to keep it going.

To those who have donated, we sincerely thank you. All donated fund will be allocated to Catmoji’s monthly server hosting. The team will never take this donated fund for personal use.

The best thing to do is to donate a dollar or two to ease the team’s financial state. Another best thing to do is to hang in there (like how you choose to hang out on Catmoji) with us while we figure out how to churn enough funds to pull through this.

You can donate to us via PayPal. Every dollar matters.


Here are the donation we have received thus far (last updated on 23rd of July 2014):

May 2014: USD$ 133.97

June 2014: USD$ 40.00

July 2014: USD$ 50.00

August 2014: USD$ 50.00

September 2014: USD $2.00

Team Catmoji

Introducing: Plantmoji (Catmoji’s April Fool 2013)

One day, when the team was drafting UIs for Catmoji’s mobile app and we discussed: why not we create something innovative while staying close to the root? We also asked ourselves: who needs to express? Why is everyone around us siding “Himpunan Hijau” or the Green Walk? What is being ignored? In this city life, where is mother nature? How do people react to Sarawak’s logging activities?

After days of discussions and surveys, the greens are the one often being neglected yet silenced by their inability to express themselves. Human love plants. We want to do something, anything, to help plants and plant owners to express themselves easily.

Introducing Plantmoji

Plantmoji's logo: the happy pea among the greens

Plantmoji: a social network for plants. Green lovers can now easily share, discover and social with plant pictures and videos. We are on a mission to make the world a greener and happier place, powered by plants on the internet.

Do you know that plants can actually express themselves? For example when you forgot to water them, they will feel sad. When they are blossoming, they feel fabulous! But sometimes we cannot comprehend their expression unless they wear a set of googly eyes. Emoji is important. We released 5 emojis, according to our intensive research conducted in a few days: happy, sad, surprise, natural, and blossomin’.

Emoji helps plants to express themselves freely, no longer in need of googly eyes.

Plantmoji is still in beta stage. Plants, beans, fruits, flowers, roots, leaves, sticks, seeds (maybe fungi too, we are flexible) are all welcome to test it out. We need feedbacks. Here is a screenshot of Plantmoji’s closed beta, featuring Plantmoji’s front page:

Front page of Plantmoji. Currently in closed beta. We'll be sending out invites upon request.

While we work on refining the mechanism of plant expressing themselves, visit Plantmoji’s Facebook Page or follow Plantmoji on Twitter.

To request for an email invite in joining us, visit this page.

Yes, we can change the world with one emoji at a time.

Team Catmoji


p/s: This is Catmoji’s April Fool 2013 event but Plantmoji’s Facebook page will remain active for the lol. We might launch Plantmoji in the future… who knows?

We'll work harder on Catmoji. kthxbai.

Catmoji Is Now One Month Old

It has been a month since Catmoji’s beta launch and team Catmoji wants to say thank you, thank you, thank you thank you thank you to anyone who is happy and enjoyed cat pictures and videos shared onto our site. We will show you a little bit of insight on Catmoji’s journey and growth after one month being released onto the internet.

An actual photo of the team in the middle of a meeting with the neighborhood cat in Santiago, Chile. Photo taken by Weiting Tan, the co-founder of

The Launch and the Growth

We launched Catmoji as a closed beta on Christmas Eve 2012. Catmoji went viral when it was a week old because it has been picked up by news portal and blogs from all over the world such as BetaBeat, Mashable,, The Star, Fast Company, UOL and more! As a result, Catmoji’s user base has grown from 800 pre-registered users to 8000+ users who shared and reshared 25,000+ cat pictures and videos on Catmoji’s website.

"I'm enjoying my new Catmoji membership!" - Tribute Meowerkins, Meowtacular of Catmoji.

New Features

Not only we went through Christmas 2012, New Year 2013 and a speedy growth in our catmunity in a month, we made some UI modification to the website so it is more user friendly on tablets, and also added a few important features on Catmoji. New features such as users can now edit or delete their post and collection, add description to your collections, and onsite notification.

You can finally choose not to rely on email by keeping an eye on our onsite notification cat bell.

Future Plans

We are going to develop an ios app for Catmoji. Aside from that, Catmoji will announce its merchandise shop that focus on Catmoji’s illustrated happy cats. Keep an eye on our valentine special and maybe a few sparkling new catvatars in February.

Have fun in Catmoji!

New Year, New Updates

Happy new year! It has been more than a week since Catmoji was launched and we hope you have a great time with us. Aside from releasing the New Year 2013 badge, we gave Catmoji a minor interface modification (as a simple fix on the user experience for tablet users) and added an important feature: Edit. Look for the green wrench on your post. You can now change the caption and collection, and also delete your own cat pictures and videos on Catmoji through this mighty edit feature!

We really enjoy making the world a happier place by providing you with cat pictures and videos. 2013 is definitely an interesting year ahead.

Catmoji wishes you a happy new year with more cats and happiness.

Happy new year!

(=^ω^=) The Catmoji Team

Catmoji is now LAUNCHED!

Catmoji is now officially launched! Join Happy Cat and the Catmoji gang to celebrate the launch!

Good news, everyone! Get ready because Catmoji is now officially launched!

It has been a while (we know, we know) and your patience paid off. Now you can finally make Catmoji your exclusive kitty playground to share and discover cat pictures and videos through emoji!

To those who had reserved their username through, our trusty Postcat will be sending the invites out throughout the days. So, check your mailbox! We are on beta stage so we might not be able to handle too much cats. If you can’t wait, you can request for an invitation from us or registered users who can invite up to three people. It’s gonna take a while for us to respond to your invitation (depends on the volume of request) but you will definitely get it. Promised.

Join Catmoji now! The Catmoji gang is waiting for you!

What are you waiting for? Join today!

P.S. Did we mention that we have a Nyanta Claus catvatar as well? Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

(=^ω^=) The Catmoji Team

Cat of the Week #15: The Van cat who befriends a fox

Recently there is an amazing news about the friendship between a fox and a cat by Lake Van, Turkey. Çitören, a village located at 25km from the city center, lives a pair of best friends by its harbour.

A cat and a fox have formed a unique friendship by Lake Van, Turkey.

Their friendship was formed and sustained for more than one year. It all began by a simple act of sharing fishes given by local fisherman. The duo are often seen together on play time.

Tickle wrestle, a friendly match between cat and fox with friendship of more than a year.

Locals and fishermen are amused by this duo. They have never seen fox pairs up with cat and form such great friendship.

Tag game between a cat and a fox.

The locals love this duo and fishermen are told not to hurt the animals. The locals also admit that sometimes they are jealous (in a good way) of the friendship between the Van cat and the fox.

"You see that stalker with a black thing that gives out weird noises?" "Yeah."

Their friendship is so solid, they were seen treating each other with fishes given by fishermen. The locals love to feed them because they are impressed by their friendship.

Fox and cat plays wrestle and nobody gets hurt.

They are seen playing together everyday by the harbour for more than one year, entertaining the locals and fishermen because everyone is happier after watching the cat and the fox play by the rocks.

It takes a lot of trust for a cat to show its belly... or is it a trap?

Cat and fox wrestle daily for fun.

A timeout because of itchy neck.

"Look at the birds." "Nope, wrestling time."

The cat and the fox are going to be each other's best friend for life.

Short clip showing the cat and the fox playing by the lake.

Source: Milliyet & Good News Animals


Cat of the Week #14: Mary Jane, the bike courier’s companion.

Meet Mary Jane the tabby cat, the companion of Rudi Saldia, a 25 years old Philadelphia bike courier for IDS.

Rudi Saldia and Mary Jane (MJ in short) posing in front of Rudi's bicycle.

Mary Jane was born on April’s fool 2012 in a closet drawer of Rudi’s bedroom. While MJ’s siblings found new homes, MJ becomes Rudi’s first cat because MJ is very attached to Rudi and his girlfriend.

It took Rudi months of training to get MJ used to travelling on his shoulder, and now the pair easily manages 25 miles.

Rudi found out that MJ is capable to perch on his shoulder so he decided to allow MJ to ride on his shoulder when he is out to deliver packages on bike.

Young MJ on Rudi's shoulder.

From single block to 25 miles, Rudi hopes MJ can do 100 miles by next September. This is a short clip of MJ taking a ride with Rudi:

Obviously MJ loves to be on Rudi’s shoulder while roaming the city. You can tell that MJ feels safe and comfortable on Rudi’s shoulder and she never perch with her claws on.

Watching the world move while perching on owner's shoulder must be more fun than cat-TV.

Rudi has trained and handled sugar gliders to perch on his shoulder so MJ was a success out of Rudi’s curiosity. People on the streets were amazed by a cat that rides on a cyclist’s shoulder and the reactions are positive.

"Oh my, a cat on the cyclist's shoulder!"

Receiving your parcel is fun but the fun meter goes up when delivered by Rudi and MJ.

It is said that speed and dogs are not a problem to MJ but odd sirens are. Rudi will sprint if they encounter noisy vehicles, to make MJ feels safe. MJ also enjoys the buzz of the streets. The duo were seen eating in sidewalk cafes and hanging out in a few bars.

We would love to see more of Rudi & MJ on the street.

Source: &

Cat of the Week #13: Love, the guardian of Cafe Nonno

Located in Shiga-ken’s Omihachiman’s old town district, there lives a cat who gets famous because of his way of saying thanks to the human who adopts him. This approximately 1 year old cat is named “Rabu” (らぶ), or “Love” in japanese and he lives with the owner of Cafe Nonno (町家 Cafe NONNO / カフェ ノンノ).

Love the cat loves to sit and guard in front of Cafe Nonno during opening hours.

The reason behind his rise of fame is because he voluntarily becomes the protector of Cafe Nonno and resembles a maneki neko.

If a cat is willing to stay in front of a cafe, that cafe is definitely extra attractive.

Love was adopted by Cafe Nonno’s owner. According to the owner, Love was found as a lost cat in front of a nearby museum. The owner took the cat home and gave him a temporary name called Rabu/Love because of a heart shaped pattern on his nose.

The heart shaped nose is not obvious but once you saw it, it is tough to miss.

While the owner waits for Love’s possible former owner to claim the cat, he brings Love to work and back on daily basis. The owner noticed that Love enjoys observing customers and pedestrians by sitting outside the cafe, as if Love is guarding the cafe.

Are you staring at my nose?

Love gained a lot of attention from customers and passerby. Everyone praises Love being cute and loyal. Love’s adorable behaviour makes human enjoy snapping picture of Love in front of the cafe and then tweet or post to social networking sites.

A napping cat guarding a cafe? It's photo shooting time.

Nobody claims Love back. Cafe Nonno’s owner decided to make Love as the official resident of his house and also the guardian of the Cafe. Cardboard stations, food and drinks, pillows and cat friendly items have been set up in storefront to keep Love comfortable.

Love's cardboard station with a notice declaring Love as official staff of Cafe Nonno.

Love's station is quite spacious. On top of that, it is made of CARDBOARD BOXES!

"Go on, you tip tip I nap nap." Love as a successful maneki neko when not guarding.

The story of Love guarding the cafe owner as a symbol of gratitude is quite well known now.

Some may think that the owner might be forcing the cat to stay outside of the cafe, but the truth is Love is volunteering to stay there. This is because the owner also owns other cats but only Love is interested in being the guardian.

Even though he likes to protect his owner and the cafe, he is still a prince at home.

The owner also added that Love loves to butt-in in between the owner and costumers, trying to join in the human conversations, and also snatching attention when the owner is socializing with his other cats.

The nyanko home team of cats featuring Love and his housemates.

To know more about Love and Cafe Nonno, visit their blog here.