Cat of the Week #14: Mary Jane, the bike courier’s companion.

Meet Mary Jane the tabby cat, the companion of Rudi Saldia, a 25 years old Philadelphia bike courier for IDS.

Rudi Saldia and Mary Jane (MJ in short) posing in front of Rudi's bicycle.

Mary Jane was born on April’s fool 2012 in a closet drawer of Rudi’s bedroom. While MJ’s siblings found new homes, MJ becomes Rudi’s first cat because MJ is very attached to Rudi and his girlfriend.

It took Rudi months of training to get MJ used to travelling on his shoulder, and now the pair easily manages 25 miles.

Rudi found out that MJ is capable to perch on his shoulder so he decided to allow MJ to ride on his shoulder when he is out to deliver packages on bike.

Young MJ on Rudi's shoulder.

From single block to 25 miles, Rudi hopes MJ can do 100 miles by next September. This is a short clip of MJ taking a ride with Rudi:

Obviously MJ loves to be on Rudi’s shoulder while roaming the city. You can tell that MJ feels safe and comfortable on Rudi’s shoulder and she never perch with her claws on.

Watching the world move while perching on owner's shoulder must be more fun than cat-TV.

Rudi has trained and handled sugar gliders to perch on his shoulder so MJ was a success out of Rudi’s curiosity. People on the streets were amazed by a cat that rides on a cyclist’s shoulder and the reactions are positive.

"Oh my, a cat on the cyclist's shoulder!"

Receiving your parcel is fun but the fun meter goes up when delivered by Rudi and MJ.

It is said that speed and dogs are not a problem to MJ but odd sirens are. Rudi will sprint if they encounter noisy vehicles, to make MJ feels safe. MJ also enjoys the buzz of the streets. The duo were seen eating in sidewalk cafes and hanging out in a few bars.

We would love to see more of Rudi & MJ on the street.

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