Introducing: Plantmoji (Catmoji’s April Fool 2013)

One day, when the team was drafting UIs for Catmoji’s mobile app and we discussed: why not we create something innovative while staying close to the root? We also asked ourselves: who needs to express? Why is everyone around us siding “Himpunan Hijau” or the Green Walk? What is being ignored? In this city life, where is mother nature? How do people react to Sarawak’s logging activities?

After days of discussions and surveys, the greens are the one often being neglected yet silenced by their inability to express themselves. Human love plants. We want to do something, anything, to help plants and plant owners to express themselves easily.

Introducing Plantmoji

Plantmoji's logo: the happy pea among the greens

Plantmoji: a social network for plants. Green lovers can now easily share, discover and social with plant pictures and videos. We are on a mission to make the world a greener and happier place, powered by plants on the internet.

Do you know that plants can actually express themselves? For example when you forgot to water them, they will feel sad. When they are blossoming, they feel fabulous! But sometimes we cannot comprehend their expression unless they wear a set of googly eyes. Emoji is important. We released 5 emojis, according to our intensive research conducted in a few days: happy, sad, surprise, natural, and blossomin’.

Emoji helps plants to express themselves freely, no longer in need of googly eyes.

Plantmoji is still in beta stage. Plants, beans, fruits, flowers, roots, leaves, sticks, seeds (maybe fungi too, we are flexible) are all welcome to test it out. We need feedbacks. Here is a screenshot of Plantmoji’s closed beta, featuring Plantmoji’s front page:

Front page of Plantmoji. Currently in closed beta. We'll be sending out invites upon request.

While we work on refining the mechanism of plant expressing themselves, visit Plantmoji’s Facebook Page or follow Plantmoji on Twitter.

To request for an email invite in joining us, visit this page.

Yes, we can change the world with one emoji at a time.

Team Catmoji


p/s: This is Catmoji’s April Fool 2013 event but Plantmoji’s Facebook page will remain active for the lol. We might launch Plantmoji in the future… who knows?

We'll work harder on Catmoji. kthxbai.