Cat of the Week #10: Tard, the grumpy cat.

Cats are loved by the internet. On the last week, one new cat had gone viral through a Reddit post. Meet Tard, the grumpy cat.

The picture that sparks the fame of a grumpy cat named Tard.

Tard is the daughter of two common housecats. Her name originated from “tartar sauce”. She is around 9 months old when her picture went viral.

Another angle of Tard with a grumpy face.

She might look like a snowshoe, but she is not.

"Nothing to see here, move along." Tard sitting with a grumpy look.

The owner suspects that she is a dwarf kitty. Her back legs don’t work well and she tends to fall over. Good news are Tard’s personality is not as grumpy as her look and the personality that she portrays is the same as a normal cat.

Tard's a dwarf kitty, a very cute dwarf kitty.

Even though her movements are not as agile as normal cats, she is cute!

Tard is in the middle of a good belly rub.

A short clip of grumpy cat’s belly rub time!

Aside from Tard being the special one in the litter, there is another cat having the same mutation: her brother, Pokey the tuxedo. Regardless of their appearance, they are living a good life.

Meet Pokey the tuxedo, Tard's brother. Together we have grumpy cats.

This is the picture of Pokey and Tard’s mother. Apparently she looks like a normal calico.

Tard's parents are actually two normal looking cats. This is Tard's mom.

More videos of Tard the grumpy cat can be found here.


Cat of the Week #8: Puneo and Kuchi

Puneo and Kuchi (ぷねお&くっちぃ; together known as Punekuchi) are two tabby brothers from Japan. We love cats with fun-to-watch habits so we really adore this pair of cat brothers that enjoy to sit side by side with each other.

Kuchi the tabby on the left; Puneo with white socks on the right.

Puneo and Kuchi are always together. They share the same interest and something about them never change after reaching adulthood.

Puneo and Kuchi likes to hangout on the table, in front of the food, watching.

When the brothers were young, they like to watch their owner eat.

"Focus!" Young Puneo and Kuchi likes to watch their owner eat.

The brothers might be physically different but their habits remain the same.

Apparently food watching is their entertainment. Maybe it is because of the anticipation that motivates them to sit and stare? Don’t worry, their diet is always cat food.

Food watching is a serious business for Puneo and Kuchi.

Puneo and Kuchi try to analyze a cup of sorbet.

Aside from food sharing, they have some cute habits that they kept since they were young.

Puneo the kitten being the big spoon with a paw on top of Kuchi.

Puneo enjoys to be the big spoon for Kuchi?

Kuchi stole some sips from the cup while Puneo did what a kitten does best: clueless plus alert.

The adult version Kuchi stealing some sips. Look how huge Kuchi has grown.

The brothers shared some funny moments too.

Due to some circumstances, Puneo and Kuchi ended up wearing the cone of shame.

How did this happen? Puneo and Kuchi watch anime with the cone of shame.

We love Puneo and Kuchi. To know more about them, check out their photo gallery and youtube channel (even though they have been semi-active for a while).

Cat of the Week #7: Real kitty coin banks

Most of us are familiar with Strapya’s Itazura Kitty Coin Bank (Itazura = prank). It’s a cute coin bank resembling a cardboard box with a tiny fish tray on top. Put your coin on the fish tray, the box will meow “nyan~” and followed by a plastic cat peeping out of the box and took your coin in with its left hand with another “nyan~” as a kthxbai.

This action based kitty coin bank attracts a lot of attention from human and animals.

Choko the cat demonstrating the correct way to use the Itazura coin bank.

Some cats know how to use Kitty coin bank repetitively for own amusement.

Although some are a little bit aggressive.

The hype of Itazura coin bank also inspired a fun new game for the cats and owners. With a cut up cardboard box that simulates the coin bank, a cat, and loads of coins, you will have a real Itazura kitty coin bank! Daihuku the cat will demonstrate the real Itazura kitty coin bank with a hint of greed: its swiftness depends on the value of yen. The clip was picked up by NHK’s “Good Morning Japan”.

Real kitty coin bank starred Daihuku had sparked a new trend. Cat owners who had watched the clip are eager to create a kitty coin bank for their cats too. Some real kitty coin bank is a little bit too dangerous.

This kitty coin bank is a bit too desperate.

The hole for the kitty coin bank is too small but the game is still fun for the cat.

Small demonstration of real kitty coin bank.

Blooper, blooper, blooper. Not all kitty coin banks are successful.

It is a fun activity for you and your cat. Why not make a banker out of your cats? Some bankers start young.

Have fun!

Cat of the Week #6: Georgie, grandma’s holiday cosplay cat

Ever since redditor Ska_Jones‘s grandma received a camera phone for Christmas of 2011, his grandma has been sending him pictures of Georgie the cat in various costumes for each holiday. This is the original post of where it gets viral and the following picture was sent to celebrate Ska_Jones’s birthday:

Georgie wearing grandma's handmade birthday costume. We doubt she knew what's going on.

Georgie’s expression is definitely hilarious for trying to comprehend the whole situation while being uninterested to participate in everything; a classic cat behaviour. The post received a lot of responses and visual description of the incident.

A crowd favorite response from shitty_watercolor towards Georgie the cat perfectly captures the conflict inside Georgie.

Another popular visual response to Georgie the cat in birthday costume by Shitty_EtchASketch.

The crowd demands for more of Georgie in various holiday costumes after Ska_Jones claimed that he has more pictures of Georgie sent by his grandma. Five days after the original post, Ska_Jones delivers. Pictures of Georgie in various holiday costumes are placed in an imgur album and might have new addition whenever possible. Georgie the cat looks great in her costumes, albeit with an unimpressed expression written on her kitty face.

Just Georgie being patriotic (?) on 4th of July.

The sombrero for Cinco de Mayo is a bit heavy for Georgie.

Only Georgie can handle such big easter bunny ears.

Personal favorite: veteran's day Georgie.

All green for St. Patrick's day.

Fancy to fish on father's day?

Happy mother's day!

Always on top of the trend, Georgie transform into the breaded cat.

We love Georgie and the cool grandma. We sure hope to see Georgie in halloween costumes, that would be fun!

Cat of the Week #5: Patty cake cats

When two cats share a great bond, they will pat their paws together in the same tempo until one of them lose. This act of continuos high five is similar to patty cake games. Cats do patty cake to show who is stronger while avoiding cat fight, just like playing a friendly boxing match.

Two cats attempting to start a patty cake game... wrong side though.

Patty cake cats are common yet popular on the internet. The notable patty cake cats (also the pioneer of patty cake cat internet videos) are two cat brothers from a cantonese family: Yat-Chai (first born) and Goo (mushroom), both belongs to hkbecky. The famous patty cake cats have three videos (part 1, part 2, part 3) dedicated to the act of patty cake.

Patty cake cats become a classic internet sensation after JustinCElliott picked up the video and dubbed them with hilarious conversation.

More patty cake cats:

A scene from Friends with Joey (Matt LeBlanc) playing a fast patty cake with a cat.

Cat of the Week #4: Pía and Nona, the cats of Patio Bellavista

For those who went to Santiago must have heard of Patio Bellavista, a famous patio located in barrio Bellavista, the most happening bohemian quarter in the middle of Santiago where everyone hang out for night life. Team Catmoji found out that there is a pair of famous cat sisters living in Patio Bellavista. The sisters, Pía and Nona, in black and white tuxedo coat has been living in a confectionary and tobacco shop called Tío Manolo for years.

Tío Manolo is located in the northwest tunnel-entrance of Patio Bellavista.

The tux sisters were named after the Pío Nono street in front of Patio Bellavista. Pía has long hair and Nona has short hair. The tux sisters are one of the main unofficial attraction because everyone finds them cute to sleep together, curl up into two big balls on the shop’s doormat.

First night encountering the tux sisters with Nona on the left and Pía on the right.

The tux sisters can be seen either on the doormat or under the bench.

A stretching Nona and Pía having a good head scratch while the shop owner closes the shop.

On the next night, we went to check if they are still there:

Tux sisters are curling up together during Santiago's mid winter.

The sisters are used to the present of tourists and pedestrians. The only thing that can catch their attention is leash-wearing dogs.

Tux sisters are contented with their doormat, medical care, cat food and occasional head scratch from pedestrians. They are always together.

As of team Catmoji’s last visit to the tux sisters on early August, the cats are still there.

The cats of Patio Bellavista is still there: Nona on the doormat and Pía on the bench.

Pía the cat sat on the bench, keeping an eye on everyone.

Nona sat on the doormat whole day because she has eye infection. Don't worry, she might had already visited the vet and she is taking a rest.

Team Catmoji wishes the best to the cats of Patio Bellavista. The tux sisters are the charm of the patio that keeps the team to visit the place from time to time just to catch a glimpse of the sisters. We left Santiago the day after the last batch of pictures so keep us posted about the tux sisters if you happen to visit that place.

More coverage about Pía and Nona, the cats of Patio Bellavista by other netizens:

Tux sister relaxing on their doormat.

Nona sitting on the doormat while Pía is nowhere to be seen.

Pictures from Flickr:

Patio Bellavista


En un rincón de Bellavista...

este gato siempre está en lo mismo

Cat of the Week #3: Cactus chewing cats

If you ever notice about cats’ behaviour, some cats love to chew cactus. It is painful to watch cats chewing on cactus but it seems like some cats are so passionate in cactus chewing. Even though you provide them with cat grass, dental care and toys, some cats still won’t stop chewing on cactus for fun and curiosity.

This is so delicious.

Another ginger cat chewing tiny cactus from another angle.

This is a famous cactus chewing cat picture.

Can't stop chewing cactus.

Cactus... mmm...

Outdoor or indoor, today I'm gonna chew a cactus.

Does cactus give out a delicious scent to cats? We'll never knew.

We have seen so many cat pictures and videos throughout these years, cat chewing cactus is a common phenomena that we will never understand (we still have tons of pictures and videos about cat chewing cactus). Thank goodness cats are not 100% stupid. Cat will stop chewing if they got hurt.

Cat tries to chew cactus in live action:

If they don’t eat it, they rub themselves on it.

Cat and cactus is a widely known unexplainable phenomena. Maybe it is not a bad combination at all.

Mini figurines of Tokidoki cactus kitty.

Cat of the Week #2: Chibita, the cat with no paws

This is tough guy Chibita.

Chibita, ♂, a tough and handsome cat.

He was adopted into a family of cats by a japanese lady after he was found wandering in the yard as a physically healthy kitten. When Chibita was young, he survived a severe accident by crawling back to his house despite having a burst diaphragm. His strong will to live made him survived through accident and he was a healthy cat again after a surgery.

A year after the accident, Chibita went out again for a stroll but this time Chibita did not go home. His owner,  and her friends searched for days throughout the neighborhoods, the woods, factory areas and all places. One week from the day Chibita went missing, he was found with the help of his brother, Maa-kun around their house’s storage place. Chibita was malnourished with two of his front paws covered in blood. It seems like Chibita’s front legs were snapped by a steel trap but made it back by himself. With necrosis occurred on both paws, Chibita’s owner was given the choice of euthanizing Chibita or amputation for a whole set of front limbs. She decided to solely remove Chibita’s paws despite the risks and commitment in future. The reason behind her decision is because Chibita never show signs of giving up when he faces life threatening incident.

Chibita, two years later; fully healed from paw amputation surgery.

After the successful surgery, Chibita’s vet reminded her that Chibita’s bare front limbs cannot sustain weight for too long because his bones might puncture the flesh and skins. Chibita’s owner and her barber friend who never have any experience in making prosthetic limbs worked hard to make an ideal set of limbs for Chibita; they even modeled the prosthetic limbs based on Maa-kun and Momo (Chibita’s roommate) to understand more on cat’s structure and behaviour. The prosthetic limbs and supports were made from soft materials found in economical yen shops, dog’s shirt, and pants and socks for infants.

Step by step installation for Chibita's prosthetic limb.

We knew that cat body is not comfortable in contacting foreign objects. Chibita seems to understand the whole situation and never complains about the fuss and the pain of living without front paws. He persevered throughout his journey of recovering and testing countless sets of limbs. Obviously his patience paid off. He is able to walk, jump and go to the toilet by himself; although he sits like a kangaroo from time to time.

Chibita feels great under the sun.

Heeeey, despite the cute boxing-glove-like limbs, he is still a cat.

Jumping to 50cm height is not a problem too.

Maa-kun were scared by Chibita’s boxing-glove-like prosthetic limbs, but after a few weeks of watching Chibita from a distance, Maa-kun accepts Chibita as who he is. Maa-kun also helps Chibita to clean Chibita’s unreachable places.

True bro-love: Chibita and his brother Maa-kun snoozing off together.

Chibita taking a stroll with Maa-kun.

Chibita showing everyone who is the boss by relaxing.

It was tough for Chibita’s owner because she resigned from her job to take care of Chibita 24/7 and lived off from her savings; however, life took a better turn. She opens a beauty salon at her own house and live with five cats including Chibita and Maa-kun. You can follow their progress through her blog:

Only Chibita can be this cool in pinkish stars and baby socks.

Cat of the Week #1: Peppercats

Everyone in Catmoji loves cats, so the team had decided to start a new weekly section in our blog: Cat of the Week! We will showcase one interesting cat on weekly basis. Featured cat can be a cat celebrity, rescued cat with remarkable stories, cat with a grumpy face, or a random tabby in its weird sleeping pose. We knew that cats are charming and unintentionally hilarious so we will discuss about cats that caught our attention.

As the first issue of CotW, we picked one of the staffs’ all time favorite cats: Peppercats! The lead cataker of Catmoji loves cats with rounded head and chubby cheeks, especially cats with their pouty mouths form a smile and stick out of their ball-shaped head like a bump.

Helia Peppercats: you don't want to mess with this cat. She's more famous than you are.

Obviously Helia is a subject of love at first sight.

Helia IS the Catmoji cataker’s dream cat.

You might noticed that Helia is a familiar looking cat. This is because she is already famous as a meme: starecat / grafics cat.

The internet is a serious business.

Since she is owned by a russian breeder and her ancestries can be traced, we wonder if her family members share the teddy bear appearance (massive rounded head, huge eyes, upturned mouth).

The Peppercats family and their rounded face.