Cat of the Week #8: Puneo and Kuchi

Puneo and Kuchi (ぷねお&くっちぃ; together known as Punekuchi) are two tabby brothers from Japan. We love cats with fun-to-watch habits so we really adore this pair of cat brothers that enjoy to sit side by side with each other.

Kuchi the tabby on the left; Puneo with white socks on the right.

Puneo and Kuchi are always together. They share the same interest and something about them never change after reaching adulthood.

Puneo and Kuchi likes to hangout on the table, in front of the food, watching.

When the brothers were young, they like to watch their owner eat.

"Focus!" Young Puneo and Kuchi likes to watch their owner eat.

The brothers might be physically different but their habits remain the same.

Apparently food watching is their entertainment. Maybe it is because of the anticipation that motivates them to sit and stare? Don’t worry, their diet is always cat food.

Food watching is a serious business for Puneo and Kuchi.

Puneo and Kuchi try to analyze a cup of sorbet.

Aside from food sharing, they have some cute habits that they kept since they were young.

Puneo the kitten being the big spoon with a paw on top of Kuchi.

Puneo enjoys to be the big spoon for Kuchi?

Kuchi stole some sips from the cup while Puneo did what a kitten does best: clueless plus alert.

The adult version Kuchi stealing some sips. Look how huge Kuchi has grown.

The brothers shared some funny moments too.

Due to some circumstances, Puneo and Kuchi ended up wearing the cone of shame.

How did this happen? Puneo and Kuchi watch anime with the cone of shame.

We love Puneo and Kuchi. To know more about them, check out their photo gallery and youtube channel (even though they have been semi-active for a while).

Cat of the Week #7: Real kitty coin banks

Most of us are familiar with Strapya’s Itazura Kitty Coin Bank (Itazura = prank). It’s a cute coin bank resembling a cardboard box with a tiny fish tray on top. Put your coin on the fish tray, the box will meow “nyan~” and followed by a plastic cat peeping out of the box and took your coin in with its left hand with another “nyan~” as a kthxbai.

This action based kitty coin bank attracts a lot of attention from human and animals.

Choko the cat demonstrating the correct way to use the Itazura coin bank.

Some cats know how to use Kitty coin bank repetitively for own amusement.

Although some are a little bit aggressive.

The hype of Itazura coin bank also inspired a fun new game for the cats and owners. With a cut up cardboard box that simulates the coin bank, a cat, and loads of coins, you will have a real Itazura kitty coin bank! Daihuku the cat will demonstrate the real Itazura kitty coin bank with a hint of greed: its swiftness depends on the value of yen. The clip was picked up by NHK’s “Good Morning Japan”.

Real kitty coin bank starred Daihuku had sparked a new trend. Cat owners who had watched the clip are eager to create a kitty coin bank for their cats too. Some real kitty coin bank is a little bit too dangerous.

This kitty coin bank is a bit too desperate.

The hole for the kitty coin bank is too small but the game is still fun for the cat.

Small demonstration of real kitty coin bank.

Blooper, blooper, blooper. Not all kitty coin banks are successful.

It is a fun activity for you and your cat. Why not make a banker out of your cats? Some bankers start young.

Have fun!

Cat of the Week #5: Patty cake cats

When two cats share a great bond, they will pat their paws together in the same tempo until one of them lose. This act of continuos high five is similar to patty cake games. Cats do patty cake to show who is stronger while avoiding cat fight, just like playing a friendly boxing match.

Two cats attempting to start a patty cake game... wrong side though.

Patty cake cats are common yet popular on the internet. The notable patty cake cats (also the pioneer of patty cake cat internet videos) are two cat brothers from a cantonese family: Yat-Chai (first born) and Goo (mushroom), both belongs to hkbecky. The famous patty cake cats have three videos (part 1, part 2, part 3) dedicated to the act of patty cake.

Patty cake cats become a classic internet sensation after JustinCElliott picked up the video and dubbed them with hilarious conversation.

More patty cake cats:

A scene from Friends with Joey (Matt LeBlanc) playing a fast patty cake with a cat.