New Year, New Updates

Happy new year! It has been more than a week since Catmoji was launched and we hope you have a great time with us. Aside from releasing the New Year 2013 badge, we gave Catmoji a minor interface modification (as a simple fix on the user experience for tablet users) and added an important feature: Edit. Look for the green wrench on your post. You can now change the caption and collection, and also delete your own cat pictures and videos on Catmoji through this mighty edit feature!

We really enjoy making the world a happier place by providing you with cat pictures and videos. 2013 is definitely an interesting year ahead.

Catmoji wishes you a happy new year with more cats and happiness.

Happy new year!

(=^ω^=) The Catmoji Team

Catmoji is now LAUNCHED!

Catmoji is now officially launched! Join Happy Cat and the Catmoji gang to celebrate the launch!

Good news, everyone! Get ready because Catmoji is now officially launched!

It has been a while (we know, we know) and your patience paid off. Now you can finally make Catmoji your exclusive kitty playground to share and discover cat pictures and videos through emoji!

To those who had reserved their username through, our trusty Postcat will be sending the invites out throughout the days. So, check your mailbox! We are on beta stage so we might not be able to handle too much cats. If you can’t wait, you can request for an invitation from us or registered users who can invite up to three people. It’s gonna take a while for us to respond to your invitation (depends on the volume of request) but you will definitely get it. Promised.

Join Catmoji now! The Catmoji gang is waiting for you!

What are you waiting for? Join today!

P.S. Did we mention that we have a Nyanta Claus catvatar as well? Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

(=^ω^=) The Catmoji Team

Cat of the Week #4: Pía and Nona, the cats of Patio Bellavista

For those who went to Santiago must have heard of Patio Bellavista, a famous patio located in barrio Bellavista, the most happening bohemian quarter in the middle of Santiago where everyone hang out for night life. Team Catmoji found out that there is a pair of famous cat sisters living in Patio Bellavista. The sisters, Pía and Nona, in black and white tuxedo coat has been living in a confectionary and tobacco shop called Tío Manolo for years.

Tío Manolo is located in the northwest tunnel-entrance of Patio Bellavista.

The tux sisters were named after the Pío Nono street in front of Patio Bellavista. Pía has long hair and Nona has short hair. The tux sisters are one of the main unofficial attraction because everyone finds them cute to sleep together, curl up into two big balls on the shop’s doormat.

First night encountering the tux sisters with Nona on the left and Pía on the right.

The tux sisters can be seen either on the doormat or under the bench.

A stretching Nona and Pía having a good head scratch while the shop owner closes the shop.

On the next night, we went to check if they are still there:

Tux sisters are curling up together during Santiago's mid winter.

The sisters are used to the present of tourists and pedestrians. The only thing that can catch their attention is leash-wearing dogs.

Tux sisters are contented with their doormat, medical care, cat food and occasional head scratch from pedestrians. They are always together.

As of team Catmoji’s last visit to the tux sisters on early August, the cats are still there.

The cats of Patio Bellavista is still there: Nona on the doormat and Pía on the bench.

Pía the cat sat on the bench, keeping an eye on everyone.

Nona sat on the doormat whole day because she has eye infection. Don't worry, she might had already visited the vet and she is taking a rest.

Team Catmoji wishes the best to the cats of Patio Bellavista. The tux sisters are the charm of the patio that keeps the team to visit the place from time to time just to catch a glimpse of the sisters. We left Santiago the day after the last batch of pictures so keep us posted about the tux sisters if you happen to visit that place.

More coverage about Pía and Nona, the cats of Patio Bellavista by other netizens:

Tux sister relaxing on their doormat.

Nona sitting on the doormat while Pía is nowhere to be seen.

Pictures from Flickr:

Patio Bellavista


En un rincón de Bellavista...

este gato siempre está en lo mismo