Cat of the Week #15: The Van cat who befriends a fox

Recently there is an amazing news about the friendship between a fox and a cat by Lake Van, Turkey. Çitören, a village located at 25km from the city center, lives a pair of best friends by its harbour.

A cat and a fox have formed a unique friendship by Lake Van, Turkey.

Their friendship was formed and sustained for more than one year. It all began by a simple act of sharing fishes given by local fisherman. The duo are often seen together on play time.

Tickle wrestle, a friendly match between cat and fox with friendship of more than a year.

Locals and fishermen are amused by this duo. They have never seen fox pairs up with cat and form such great friendship.

Tag game between a cat and a fox.

The locals love this duo and fishermen are told not to hurt the animals. The locals also admit that sometimes they are jealous (in a good way) of the friendship between the Van cat and the fox.

"You see that stalker with a black thing that gives out weird noises?" "Yeah."

Their friendship is so solid, they were seen treating each other with fishes given by fishermen. The locals love to feed them because they are impressed by their friendship.

Fox and cat plays wrestle and nobody gets hurt.

They are seen playing together everyday by the harbour for more than one year, entertaining the locals and fishermen because everyone is happier after watching the cat and the fox play by the rocks.

It takes a lot of trust for a cat to show its belly... or is it a trap?

Cat and fox wrestle daily for fun.

A timeout because of itchy neck.

"Look at the birds." "Nope, wrestling time."

The cat and the fox are going to be each other's best friend for life.

Short clip showing the cat and the fox playing by the lake.

Source: Milliyet & Good News Animals


Cat of the Week #12: Lincoln, the quadriplegic kitty

Lincoln is a special black kitty. When Lincoln was about 4 weeks old, he was found by a woman in the middle of a north St. Louis’s sidewalk, completely immobile. The woman fostered the kitten and tried to look for injuries but she can’t seem to be able to find any. All Lincoln can do was just lying on his side. That woman contacted Tenth Life, a non-profit organization from St. Louis that saves stray cats & kittens in that area, prioritizing those with special needs.

Unable to move his limbs, Lincoln was a tiny kitten who can only lie on his side.

Tenth Life’s vet diagnosed Lincoln as a quadriplegic kitten who might had a spinal or neurological injury and physical therapy is needed in order for Lincoln to be able to move again. It is a tough job but Lincoln’s new foster parents, Bobbi and John, took this news as a challenge, and they are performing physical therapy with little Lincoln 6 times a day, pumping his little legs, stretching them out, and supporting him as he learns to walk again.

Lincoln doing his physical therapy routine or the kitty yoga.

"I'm a taco!" These towels play a huge role in helping Lincoln to walk.

With supports from praises and rolled up towels, Lincoln took his first few steps.

It took 10 days of consistent physiotherapy for Lincoln to make his first wobbly step. According to Lincoln’s foster mom, Lincoln stretches his front legs forward and then stretches out his back legs as far as the legs go, mimicking the physiotherapy sessions, in the morning and after each nap. It is cute and adorable because Lincoln might have an idea that the physiotherapy is a good thing. At that point of time, Lincoln progressed to climb up and then jump off from short heights, such as chairs and couch, climbing the stairs all the way up to the second floor, play with other cats in the house, living with the heart of a normal kitten.

Lincoln is a hardworker. That's why things get better.

Lincoln bats the toy for the first time.

Understand the way of recovery does not stop him from taking kitty naps.

Nothing's better than snuggling with your favorite mouse, eh Lincoln?

This is Lincoln today: playing with various toys, other cats, and his shadow.

Tenth Life has done a great job in raising Lincoln. Lincoln is now growing to become a handsome cat.

Such fine kitty with his classy bow tie kitty collar.

To read more updates on Lincoln and the organization that helped him, visit Tenth Life’s Facebook page and Lincoln’s YouTube channel.

Cat of the Week #11: Nono, the sitting cat who relaxed like a human

I bet most of you had seen this clip of a cat sitting upright in the park while holding onto the fence. It went viral because of its simple combination of the cat, relaxing music (even though it is from iMovies) and lovely evening in the park makes life looks wonderful. If you have not seen it, you must:

If you ever feel curious about the settings and if the cat was alone, we say that this is the cat’s routine in the park. You can read about its behind-the-scene here.

Nono chills on the fence while enjoying the sunset.

"Look at my feet," those dainty lil feet are just cute.

Another chill evening of sitting by the fence and feeling good, eh?

This cat is named Nono (のの or ののちゃん because he is such a fine gentlemen). He is 12 years old and he lives in Yokohama, Japan.

Meet Nono-chan, the cat who sits and chill.

Nono is a cute and cool cat.

A recently added clip from Nono-chan’s owner shows that Nono loves to chill.

After the first hit of Nono sitting on the fence, we have a latest clip of Nono sitting on a white plastic chair!

If you follow Nono’s blog, you might noticed that Nono always sits like a mermaid. This is because Nono was sick and had went through surgeries from the vet. Most probably the paralysis was caused by the illness? Even though Nono is not a physically healthy cat, he is well loved. His owner loves him so much: Nono always get to eat good fishes and frequently being taken to the park for fresh air.

"Ambush! Wait, I think I will just nap here..."

Aside from the fence and the bench, sitting on the side of the road is fun too.

Nono is a very cute cat. Life is great to know that Nono is loved. Let’s hope everything goes well for him  ❤

Nono is a very cool cat. We love him so much.

Want to know more about Nono? Visit his blog:

Cat of the Week #2: Chibita, the cat with no paws

This is tough guy Chibita.

Chibita, ♂, a tough and handsome cat.

He was adopted into a family of cats by a japanese lady after he was found wandering in the yard as a physically healthy kitten. When Chibita was young, he survived a severe accident by crawling back to his house despite having a burst diaphragm. His strong will to live made him survived through accident and he was a healthy cat again after a surgery.

A year after the accident, Chibita went out again for a stroll but this time Chibita did not go home. His owner,  and her friends searched for days throughout the neighborhoods, the woods, factory areas and all places. One week from the day Chibita went missing, he was found with the help of his brother, Maa-kun around their house’s storage place. Chibita was malnourished with two of his front paws covered in blood. It seems like Chibita’s front legs were snapped by a steel trap but made it back by himself. With necrosis occurred on both paws, Chibita’s owner was given the choice of euthanizing Chibita or amputation for a whole set of front limbs. She decided to solely remove Chibita’s paws despite the risks and commitment in future. The reason behind her decision is because Chibita never show signs of giving up when he faces life threatening incident.

Chibita, two years later; fully healed from paw amputation surgery.

After the successful surgery, Chibita’s vet reminded her that Chibita’s bare front limbs cannot sustain weight for too long because his bones might puncture the flesh and skins. Chibita’s owner and her barber friend who never have any experience in making prosthetic limbs worked hard to make an ideal set of limbs for Chibita; they even modeled the prosthetic limbs based on Maa-kun and Momo (Chibita’s roommate) to understand more on cat’s structure and behaviour. The prosthetic limbs and supports were made from soft materials found in economical yen shops, dog’s shirt, and pants and socks for infants.

Step by step installation for Chibita's prosthetic limb.

We knew that cat body is not comfortable in contacting foreign objects. Chibita seems to understand the whole situation and never complains about the fuss and the pain of living without front paws. He persevered throughout his journey of recovering and testing countless sets of limbs. Obviously his patience paid off. He is able to walk, jump and go to the toilet by himself; although he sits like a kangaroo from time to time.

Chibita feels great under the sun.

Heeeey, despite the cute boxing-glove-like limbs, he is still a cat.

Jumping to 50cm height is not a problem too.

Maa-kun were scared by Chibita’s boxing-glove-like prosthetic limbs, but after a few weeks of watching Chibita from a distance, Maa-kun accepts Chibita as who he is. Maa-kun also helps Chibita to clean Chibita’s unreachable places.

True bro-love: Chibita and his brother Maa-kun snoozing off together.

Chibita taking a stroll with Maa-kun.

Chibita showing everyone who is the boss by relaxing.

It was tough for Chibita’s owner because she resigned from her job to take care of Chibita 24/7 and lived off from her savings; however, life took a better turn. She opens a beauty salon at her own house and live with five cats including Chibita and Maa-kun. You can follow their progress through her blog:

Only Chibita can be this cool in pinkish stars and baby socks.