Cat of the Week #8: Puneo and Kuchi

Puneo and Kuchi (ぷねお&くっちぃ; together known as Punekuchi) are two tabby brothers from Japan. We love cats with fun-to-watch habits so we really adore this pair of cat brothers that enjoy to sit side by side with each other.

Kuchi the tabby on the left; Puneo with white socks on the right.

Puneo and Kuchi are always together. They share the same interest and something about them never change after reaching adulthood.

Puneo and Kuchi likes to hangout on the table, in front of the food, watching.

When the brothers were young, they like to watch their owner eat.

"Focus!" Young Puneo and Kuchi likes to watch their owner eat.

The brothers might be physically different but their habits remain the same.

Apparently food watching is their entertainment. Maybe it is because of the anticipation that motivates them to sit and stare? Don’t worry, their diet is always cat food.

Food watching is a serious business for Puneo and Kuchi.

Puneo and Kuchi try to analyze a cup of sorbet.

Aside from food sharing, they have some cute habits that they kept since they were young.

Puneo the kitten being the big spoon with a paw on top of Kuchi.

Puneo enjoys to be the big spoon for Kuchi?

Kuchi stole some sips from the cup while Puneo did what a kitten does best: clueless plus alert.

The adult version Kuchi stealing some sips. Look how huge Kuchi has grown.

The brothers shared some funny moments too.

Due to some circumstances, Puneo and Kuchi ended up wearing the cone of shame.

How did this happen? Puneo and Kuchi watch anime with the cone of shame.

We love Puneo and Kuchi. To know more about them, check out their photo gallery and youtube channel (even though they have been semi-active for a while).

Cat of the Week #3: Cactus chewing cats

If you ever notice about cats’ behaviour, some cats love to chew cactus. It is painful to watch cats chewing on cactus but it seems like some cats are so passionate in cactus chewing. Even though you provide them with cat grass, dental care and toys, some cats still won’t stop chewing on cactus for fun and curiosity.

This is so delicious.

Another ginger cat chewing tiny cactus from another angle.

This is a famous cactus chewing cat picture.

Can't stop chewing cactus.

Cactus... mmm...

Outdoor or indoor, today I'm gonna chew a cactus.

Does cactus give out a delicious scent to cats? We'll never knew.

We have seen so many cat pictures and videos throughout these years, cat chewing cactus is a common phenomena that we will never understand (we still have tons of pictures and videos about cat chewing cactus). Thank goodness cats are not 100% stupid. Cat will stop chewing if they got hurt.

Cat tries to chew cactus in live action:

If they don’t eat it, they rub themselves on it.

Cat and cactus is a widely known unexplainable phenomena. Maybe it is not a bad combination at all.

Mini figurines of Tokidoki cactus kitty.